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  • To establish world class millet processing industry in terms of production ,quality , innovation & value addition
  • To be the top millet exporting industry from southern India to meet International Standard quality products requirement
  • To build & operate quality infrastructure to facilitate innovative product development and provide access to R & D Labs, Production facilities unique with state of art facility centers in millet based technologies
  • To top millet ecosystem in the country , by incubating women led millet startups, and synergizing with other millet stakeholders (corporations, governments, academia and investors) to bring transformative change
  • To be a unique Millet Common Facility Centre (CFC) A Production Facility for selective Startups/Companies/Public to produce the Millet Value-Added Products
  • Top Technology Consultation right from Registration of Startup, Licensing, Technology Transferring and also Commercialization.
  • Top Business Facilitation with Business plan development, market strategies development and connecting with backward cum forward market linkages.
  • Global Mentoring & Networking center ; boosting the knowledge and skill enhancement by providing technical guidance, networking with world-class business mentors and experts.
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